What we do

Our primary purpose is to connect doctoral and postdoctoral researchers that are investigating the ethics of AI. We connect through a variety of events such as reading groups, masterclasses, and mini-conferences. As we are located all over the globe, we rotate timeslots for our events to ensure that people in all timezones can attend some events.

2021 Event schedule

Reading Groups

We have eight reading group meetings scheduled for 2021. Topics are all focussed on the ethics of AI and are selected by the group. Members are encouraged to contribute a text or article that relates to the topic from their field. Members that contribute a text are asked to provide a cover sheet that includes a half to maximum one page summary of the text and how it relates to the topic. At the end of a reading group meeting members walk away with an interesting compendium of texts from a wide range of fields, each with a summary written by a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher. Only members can select texts to contribute to reading groups.


Several times a year the group invites leading experts in the ethics of AI to come and speak to the group and lead new discussions. Masterclasses are restricted to members only.


Once a year we host an internal-facing mini-conference for members to present some of their work to the group. This internal conference is restricted to members only.

Once a year we host an external-facing conference. At this event, members will present some of their work to any who choose to attend. Only members and invited keynote experts are able to present, but attendance is open to everyone.

Non-members can sign up to email updates to be informed when these happen. Go to Contact page to do that.


Our group started on LinkedIn, this platform remains an important professional face to the wider community. Members share resources, job opportunities, and their successes on this platform. LinkedIn is also the entry point for new members as well as a way to explore in more depth the expertise of each member.

Our group’s LinkedIn page is here.


We use the productivity platform SLACK for organising our group and informal discussions about the ethics of AI and the PhD journey. Our SLACK site is for members only.