We are a community of over 320 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers dedicated to helping the world ethically adopt emerging technologies. AI will intersect with almost everything we do, we need researchers from many disciplines to work together to get this right!

Our members hail from many countries, higher education institutes, and disciplines. Each has their own unique approach to the ethics of AI. Collectively, we represent a wide range of knowledge and skills around the topic of AI ethics. Our group brings PhD candidates, recent doctoral graduates, and early career researchers together to share ideas and encourage each other along the journey.

Our members are located all over the world representing over 50 countries. Geographic regions of our members include Africa, Australia-Pacific, Asia and Southeast Asia, India, Europe, Middle East, South America, and North America. As of October 2021 we have over 300 members worldwide.

Membership Criteria: PhD students, doctoral or postdoctoral researchers, Masters by Research candidates (>80% of the degree by dissertation or thesis), and early career researchers (graduated from their PhD within the last 5 years).

Our members are approaching the ethics of AI from a wide variety of fields including: law, computer science, politics, philosophy, social science, psychology, medicine, private business, multi-national initiatives, economics, robotics, education, data science, engineering, and more. Members are based at a wide range of university types and institutions and represent many different styles and formats of graduate research, doctoral, and postdoctoral research. We have members from most of the world’s top 20 ranked universities, as well as members from much smaller higher education institutes.

If you are a PhD candidate, postdoctoral, or early career researcher working on the ethics of AI we warmly welcome you to join our group. If you are not a doctoral researcher but are interested to keep updated on what our group is reading, discussing, and the achievements of our members, click on “Updates for non-members” to join our mailing list.

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Building a community

By coming together to share our insights and support each other along the doctoral journey we are building a strong community of developing AI Ethics researchers. We celebrate each other’s successes, share ideas and resources, and foster an environment of inclusion and collaboration. Founded in November 2020 by Bec Johnson, a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, the group is growing steadily. Events for 2021 that help us connect include reading groups, masterclasses, and mini-conferences. In a time when travel is restricted, these digital spaces cultivate creativity and collaboration in the research of AI ethics.

All of our members are passionate about building a better future. A future where we can take advantage of developments in AI and other fourth industrial revolution technologies in a responsible and ethically sound way. Each member is dedicated to improving the ethical use of AI in their chosen field. Together we bridge boundaries between disciplines and cross the knowledge silos established in previous centuries.


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